Hey Diabuddies,

I’ve created a FREE printable! It could be used as a colouring in sheet for your little ones (or big creative ones) or even a tool to show new T1D’s what can live in your diabetes kit!  I hope you guys find this fun and helpful.

Click the link to download and get creative!


I would love if you could share your finished artworks with me via instagram by tagging @t1d_lyf.

Yours in Good Sugars, Linda xx





To celebrate the release of our first ever collaboration pin, I’ve got Raffael on the email to ask a few questions about living life with T1 diabetes and her awesome brand Dead Pancreas Gang.

DPG is BY FAR my favourite diabetes merchandise and I’m stoked to be able to work with Raffael on this new pin. She has an amazing eye for design so make sure you head on over to the website to see her awesome T-shirts for yourself!

Enjoy the read and click through to see Raffael’s website!

Good Sugars, Linda x

Who are you and where are you from?

Hi! My name is Raffael and I’m from the Gold Coast, Australia. 

Tell us a little about your diagnosis story.

I was diagnosed on the 8th February 2016, two months leading up to that date I was finding myself super thirsty, needing to pee a lot, getting foot cramps, losing weight quickly and only craving naughty food (which at the time I was loving).

I got down to around 55 kilos before I finally decided to get checked out at the doctors. A few hours after that appointment I found myself in the hospital with a blood sugar reading so high they were unable to read it. 

I ignored my symptoms for so long as I put it down to working 2 jobs (and working 8am – midnight every night), so I just put it down to exhaustion really, oh, how wrong I was! 

DPG is my fav diabetes brand, the designs are so perfectly executed! Why did you start DPG and how did you get so bloody good at product design?

Awwh, you’re making me blush! Thank you! I really do appreciate those words. I started DPG to bring awareness to diabetes in a fun, humorous and super light hearted way. I specifically chose the name ‘Dead Pancreas Gang’ as it evokes a reaction and sparks curiosity, and in my experience of wearing DPG around, it certainly does its job! I’m a graphic designer by trade so it’s only natural for me to design my tee’s and brand based on my personal style; minimalist yet a little edgy (oh, and loooots of black!) 

Whats next for DPG?

I do have a few things in the pipeline, by you’ll have to wait a little bit! Is it leather jackets? Is it a kids line? Is it world domination? Watch this space!

Everybody has one! What is your best T1D hack?

I’d probably say my best diabetes hack is to have more than 1 glucose meter. I have 4 meters and carry 2 on me at all times. You never know when your meter will die or have a moment of inaccuracy. 

Shout out your top three fav diabetes instagram accounts: 

@hyper.hypo – Another diabetic out there making the world a better place! She deserves the Nobel Peace Prize for designing those insulin pump sports bras. – Her page isn’t totally dedicated to diabetes but Samantha really inspires in the health and fitness department! I’ve become more and more interested and aware of the importance of gut health and I admire her dedication and determination towards not only her own health journey, but many others. 

@ali.abdlkareem – I love Ali’s transparency and sense of humour when it comes to all things diabetes. He definitely has a way of creating interesting and honest content daily. 

And some final advice for young or newly diagnosed T1D’s.

A low blood sugar is only a low blood sugar; a high blood sugar is only a high blood sugar – it doesn’t define who you are!


JDRF One Walk

This will be my 4th or 5th year doing the JDRF One Walk and to be honest with you, thats about all the fundraising I have ever done. I’m a lazy fund raiser people! I have never been big on collecting money for causes, so you should be proud, that each year I get up and get the dollars rolling in for the JDRF.

The JDRF do amazing work into type one diabetes research for better management and to ultimately find a cure. Fingers crossed that one day we can all live pump or injection free!

My husband Daniel, his brother Alex and mum Karen walk with me every year and it has become a bit of a event! This is our first year in Hobart so won’t be joined by the usual suspects but I know they will be cheering us on from home.

If you would like to donate or even join us in Hobart on the 17th of November, follow the  link to sign up as a walker or to donate.

Donate or walk with us!


Myself, Daniel, Karen and Alex – Central Coast NSW, JDRF One Walk 2017


Welcome to the T1D LYF…

Thanks for joining me! I just wanted to say hello and introduce myself. My name is Linda, I have been surfing the blood sugar wave for 11 years and I live in Hobart, Australia.

I have started this blog to record a part of my life that often goes unnoticed by others and to to connect with the online type one diabetic community. It will be made up of all parts of the T1D LYF including, interviews with other T1’s, product reviews, sharing the latest and greatest merchandise and of course my personal experiences and musings.

I also enjoy making graphics, social media content (gifs and videos) and merchandise to support and raise awareness for type one diabetes. T1D LYF march is designed to bring some PMA (positive mental attitude) and a smile to the faces of other type one diabetics.

You can check out my online store here…

Looking forward to chatting with you all and delving into the T1D LYF.

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Clip it to your bra they said… no one will notice it they said… 🙄