JDRF One Walk

This will be my 4th or 5th year doing the JDRF One Walk and to be honest with you, thats about all the fundraising I have ever done. I’m a lazy fund raiser people! I have never been big on collecting money for causes, so you should be proud, that each year I get up and get the dollars rolling in for the JDRF.

The JDRF do amazing work into type one diabetes research for better management and to ultimately find a cure. Fingers crossed that one day we can all live pump or injection free!

My husband Daniel, his brother Alex and mum Karen walk with me every year and it has become a bit of a event! This is our first year in Hobart so won’t be joined by the usual suspects but I know they will be cheering us on from home.

If you would like to donate or even join us in Hobart on the 17th of November, follow the  link to sign up as a walker or to donate.

Donate or walk with us!


Myself, Daniel, Karen and Alex – Central Coast NSW, JDRF One Walk 2017


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